Friday, September 28, 2007

Confirmed Updates

Burma Regime's army forces have been violently using gunfire, tear gas and steel sticks, sling shots to violently fight the unarmed peaceful protesters of Burma for nearly a week now.
However, there have are protests still going on. So far , it is likely that there have been at least 80 deaths of civilian and monks(some on the spot,others by injuries). Government uses dirty tricks such as releasing prisoners as fake protesters and fake monks.
Today,there are more protest going on across the country, below are CONFIRMED at 29/September.

A high school student(16-17yrs old) killed by army in protest. Body was retrieved by his parents to their house. Army later came and searched the entire ward for the house and took the body. Th student's parents are in deep sad and anger now.May he be in peace
PaKhoteKu,Magwe Division,
2500 monks leading the whole civilian crowd of the town. 200 monks leading approx 2000 civilians in different parts of town. Peaceful non-violent demonstrations.

Sitwe, RaKhine Division,
80 monks leading 3000 civilians defying the army's "show force"exercises in the middle of town.

YwaMa villages, TaunKote district, Rakhine division
unknown numbers of monks and civilians specifically, but the whole crowd adding total 10,000 in protest because people from nearby villages and districts gather there.

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