Friday, October 19, 2007

Announcement: Beware of Pro-democratic Scammers

A few words of caution to dear readers: please check thoroughly about the charitible organization before you make a donation through them. Please make sure your hard earned cash arrives in right hands for the right cause. Support Burma. Not Pro-democratic Scammers.

For those uninformed, there are groups of people who gets unethical benefit from mayhem and carnegie in Burma. I call them Pro-democratic Scammers. These organizations are disguised as Pro-democratic humanitarian organizations running charities for the troubled people of Burma. They tend to make up and exaggerate news, fake photos, fake the figures and talk nonsense to the public and NGOs as well as GOs to scam charity money from them and -- you guessed it! -- most of the cash ends up in their pockets.

Worse, they have vested interest in SPDC. SPDC is their money tree. They need SPDC to torture and kill people in Burma so that they can cry out for help and fool to kind-hearted people like you and me to fill and re-fill their pockets or buy designer clothes with bigger pockets to fill. Therefore, they do not want Burma gets Independence. In my personal opinion, they might even have connections with SPDC. That means, in a way, you can conclude that supporting them is the same as supporting SPDC which is the same as strengthening the chains Burma has to break to gain her freedom. That's the least thing you could have ever imagined to contribute to!

All in all, please remember: C comes before D -- Check before you make a Donation. We greatly respect, highly appreciate and are very grateful for the philanthropic efforts you made in supporting Burma. May we succeed!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

To File a Law Suit against Than Shwe at International Criminal Court

The Blog owner of Burma-Myanmar Genocide, another English news blog covering the Saffron Revolution in Burma, is organizing to file a lawsuit at International Criminal Court against Snr. General Than Shwe , the head of SPDC Regime which implemented, to crush the revolution, the brutal genocide against the participating Mahar Sangha and civilians.

For more information please read the original announcement.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rasputin of Burma Identified

Rasputin of Burma

According to a Blog ran by
Sri Lanka based Burmese Buddhist Monks, the key player who advised the implementation of brutal genocide to SPDC has been identified Kya Khat Wine Sayardaw aka (U) Zaw Ti Par La who is the "abbot" of Kya Khat Wine Monastery in Pegu. The sound file recorded during his adversarial speeches to SPDC top dogs has been leaked to the public for some time but none has been able to identify the speaker. Though, it turns out that some of the Burmese Monks from the Sri Lanka had lived in Kya Khat Wine Monastry for 1-10 years and they confirmed the true identity of the speaker repetitive analysts of the speaker's voice as well as the way he composes what he wants to deliver into a poem and making the audience recite it, the speaking style, usage of words and personal information he described during the recording which hints his identity, such as the number of Monks in his Monastery which is around 1000(There is only one Monastery that big in Pegu which is Kya Khat Wine Monastery).The recording also suggested that the speaker organized the construction of his home village which is the same as the home village of Kya Khat Wine Sayardaw(Abbot in Burmese). Moreover the Slogan of the abbot,"If man wants it for real and does it for real, he accomplishes for real" is what the speaker mentioned in the tape on several occasions.

The abbot used to get Monks arrested in cooperation with SPDC and he rules the monastery in a totalitarian manner which is how SPDC runs Burma as everyone knows, said the monks who identified the speaker.

The author, who himself is a monk, also said that he himself could, as well, guarantee about the identity because of the fact that he has studied in Kya Khat Wine Monastery for two years and he wishes the readers to believe without doubt, as he does.

According to the doctrine of Buddhism, a monk's deed could automatically denounce his monkhood. The abbot made use of that fact and convinced SPDC that monks participated in peacful marches has lost their mookhood for they did a misconduct. Whether the Mahar Sagha who sacrified their lives for the freedom of Burma deserve to lose their monkhood could be judged by me and you, dear readers, and I know that our judgements would definitely be unanimous but it is for sure that for masterminding the bloodshed of hundreds of Monks and civilians, the abbot's monkhood is automatically denounced. "He had commited the third factor which denounces one's monkhood.He is no longer a monk and he can never be one anymore. He is now an ordinary man wearing a monk's robe," said the author.

Kya Khat Wine Sayardaw was ironically born in Nate Ban(Nirvana in Burmese) Village, Kawa Township, Pegu at 8 am, 2nd Na Yone(Burmese Month), 1283(Sarsana Year) by (U) Boe Thone & (Daw) Own Pwint. He has 9 siblings and he is the fifth child and his original name is (Maung) Kyar Khine. He was greatly loved by his parents and they had very high hopes on him so they bestowed him with monkhood and blessed him. Although, their hopes never materialized and instead he became the mastermind behind the worst homicide in the History of Burma and at the same time denounced his own monkhood, giving away the greatest gift his parents have given to him.


High School Students Tricked Into Joining USDA

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

Unsuspecting high school students in Rangoon were tricked into joining USDA, unhappy parents complained to DVB. The students were each asked to supply a passport photo, and USDA membership cards were issued to them.

A parent told DVB:

“We thought the photos were meant for official forms for matriculation exams. But now, all the children are USDA members. It’s a con job. What can we do now? They are never up to any good.”

Another said that while the students have been tricked into becoming members, they are unlikely to be active in the organization.

According to DVB, similar incidents were reported in the provinces earlier in the year.

To read the original article in Burmese, please follow this link:

[Note: To understand more about USDA, please refer to our earlier report:]

Burma Junta Shamelessly Admits to Interrogating Protesters

Source: New Light of Myanmar via

The official statement on the front-page of The New Light of Myanmar, a government mouthpiece, said authorities were still hunting for demonstrators who took part in the recent uprising.

"Those who led, got involved in and supported the unrest which broke out in September were called in and are being interrogated," the junta said. "Some are still being called in for questioning and those who should be released will be."

For the full article in English, please follow this link:

Kelvin Doyle - Where Are Burma's Monks?

Source: Time Magazine

Time Magazine published another first-person article, this time by Kelvin Doyle. In his article, Doyle recounts an interesting encounter with a plain-clothes security officer at the ShweDagon Pagoda.

To read the full article, please follow this link:,8599,1670876,00.html?iid=sphere-inline-sidebar

Andrew Marshall - Anatomy of a Failed Revolution

Source: Time Magazine

Time Magazine last week published an article titled Anatomy of a Failed Revolution by Andrew Marshall, a first hand account of the demonstrations from the point of view of an observer.

To read the full article, please follow this link:,9171,1670515,00.html

Canada: Honorary Citizenship for Aung San Su Kyi

Source: Canadian Press

The government of Canada has promised to confer honorary citizenship to Burma’s Opposition Leader, Daw Aung San Su Kyi, in recognition for her efforts to bring democracy to her people.

For the full story, please follow this link:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fire at City Hall Frightens Officials


According to Niknayman, a small fire broke out at Rangoon's City Hall a few days ago. While the Junta has, so far, refused to divulge this information to the public, Niknayman reported that the small fire bomb was thrown into the City Hall by a group of dissidents in retaliation for the crackdown inflicted on the protesters. While no injuries were recorded, the report said that the officials in Rangoon are now fearful for their personal safety.

Niknayman also reported that the explosion at the Guest House at Mae Sod on the 12th of October was initiated by dissidents as well. The authorities reportedly walked into a trap by dissidents when they raided the guest house. They were trying to capture student leaders who were trying to cross the border. About 5 to 10 officials were said to have been injured by the explosion.

Rangoon Authorities Issue Threats to Monasteries


Lanka-MSMA reported that large monastries in Rangoon were being visited by officials. The Abbotts of these monasteries were asked to tell the resident monks to return to their home towns. Failure to comply may result in midnight sieges, they were warned. Authorities further threatened the Abbotts that they will not be responsible for consequences should they be prompted to take such actions.

As a result, many monks have been forced to move out to smaller monasteries, or return to their home towns.

Monks in Rangoon also told Lanka-MSMA that security officials currently allow only one-way travel for monks, out of Rangoon to the provinces; any monks trying to enter Rangoon have been told to turn back.

For the original article in Burmese, please follow this link:

Word of Warning to Burmese Students/Workers in Foreign Countries


Lanka MSMA reported that burmese returning home from studies or work from foreign countries are being subjected to checks at the airport against photos and videos taken of protests, and anyone suspected of being involved in the democratic movement are being detained.

For the original article in Burmese, please follow this link:

Burma's Junta: Too Late to Turn Back the Clock


Cynthia Boaz, an Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Studies at the State University of New York, gives her perspective on the current state of affairs in Burma.

Please click here to read the full article.

Japan Cuts Millions in Aid To Burma

Source: Sky News

Japan has finally decided to cut millions of aid to burma, following the brutal crackdown on protesters just as EU has agreed to tighten sanctions against the military government.

For the full report, please click here.

Updates From Burma: 16th October 2007

Rumours are rife in Rangoon that there will be a blood bath in November. According to residents, many astrologers have predicted another major uprising towards the end of the year. One famous astrologer, Min Thein Kha, has been earlier apprehended for making such predictions.

Meanwhile, officials continue to comb the city for those involved in protests. A resident who went to make a police report for missing documents saw the staff busy scrutinising photos of protesters.

"We were waiting for them to finish the report. We saw one of the guys call someone. He told the person to send over the the photos taken on the 24th and 26th."

The resident also saw lists of female names on a board, apparently intended for the pro-government rallies. There were also notes about wake-up calls and pick-up schedules.

Three More NLD Members Detained In Mandalay

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

Authorities arrested 3 more members of National League for Democracy’s Mandalay Branch on Sunday night. NLD is the opposition party led by Nobel Peace Winner Daw Aung San Su Kyi.

The three NLD members, Ko Wunna Aung, Ko Ye Min Zaw, and Ko Soe Khaing Win, were reported to have arrested while in hiding at Saggaing (a Buddhist community of monasteries and nunneries located next to the city of Mandalay).

This latest round of arrests brings the total of detained NLD (Mandalay) members to 41.

For the original article in Burmese, please follow this link:

Abbott Declines To Accept Donations From Junta

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

15th October 2007

Devotees told DVB that the Thaminsar Sayadaw declined monetary donations from Thayet Town Council members and officials.

The 90-year old Abbott told the authorities that he has taken an avowal against accepting alms or any other contributions from people and organizations abetting junta. He also declined to lead them in prayers, citing sangha regulations.

Early this month, the Abbott had declared his intention to make this vow (or patta-nikkujjana in Pali) against the junta and its lackeys.

The Beginning of Patta-nikkujjana against Junta

On the 5th of September, in Pakkoku, a group of monks who were marching peacefully and chanting prayers, were beaten and detained by riot police. The police also stripped the monks of their robes. Junta declined to apologise for this atrocity, prompting the monks all over Burma to undertake the patta-nikkujjana-kamma (the act of patta-nikkujjana) against them.

Towards the end of September, monks led peaceful protests all across the country. Junta then initiated a brutal clampdown on the monks, and the majority were subsequently beaten and detained with many dying as a result of the beatings. Two weeks on, thousands of monks still remain in concentration camps.

However, the monks have vowed to continue with the patta-nikkujjana until military junta mends its ways.

For the original article in Burmese, please follow this link:


1.       News agencies have earlier reported that many of the monks under detention were inadvertently on hunger strike as they refuse any food given to them by the guards. They were subsequently separated into smaller groups by officials.

2.       The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) had issued an open letter in September appealing to Buddhists worldwide to do the same. Please click here to read the letter by AHRC:

3.       At the beginning of this month, The Buddhist Channel also published a letter by a monk about patta-nikkujjana:,5070,0,0,1,0





Student Leader Escapes Junta With Help From The People

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

One of the student leaders from All Burma Students’ Union, Ko Kyaw Ko Ko, told DVB that he was grateful to the people for helping him escape the clutches of Junta.

On the 9th of October, the authorities had tried to snatch him from a house in Rangoon where he was hiding, but he managed to get away, thanks to the sympathetic public. He told DVB:

“Everyone I met along the way has been very kind, and without their help, I would not have made it to safety.”

He added that while many of the students and student leaders are under detention, ABSU will continue the legacy and carry on the fight for democracy.

“As long as there are students, there is a student union. We’re regrouping now, working to get everyone together.”

For the original article in Burmese, please follow this link:

Civil Servants Unhappy For Being Forced To Participate in Pro-Junta Rallies

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

15th October 2007

Junta did not deliver the promised payout of 500 Kyats per head, said one of the civil servants who was forced to participate in a pro-junta rally in Rangoon. The source, who did not want to be named, told DVB that the participants were unhappy after the officials told them that they will only receive 400 Kyats each after deduction of bus fare, and that only at the end of the month.

“We had to get up at 3am. It pissed us off, so we just did whatever we wanted.”

The source said that even though the officials tried to control the crowd, the people refused to follow instructions. He added that the only people who were shouting pro-junta chants were town council members; the rest of the crowd kept their heads down and muttered instead that they were only there for the fee.

A Rangoon resident told DVB that public dissent was high; people were extremely peeved that the junta was organising pro-government rallies (many of which were made compulsory to civil servants and students) after a ruthless bloody crackdown on monks and protesters.

“They imposed a curfew and stop us from demonstrating peacefully. No more than 5 people in a group, they say. What they’re doing now, these rallies, aren’t they breaking their own curfew? It’s ridiculous.”

For the original article in Burmese, please follow this link:

Junta Uses Censorship To Punish Writers For Helping Monks

Source: Mizzima

In a bid to suppress its people even further, authorities in Burma are banning the works of all journalists and writers who have offered food to monks during the protests. Previously, a comic artist was reported to have been banned for similar reasons.

For the full report in English, please follow this link:

For the full report in Burmese, please follow this link:


Monday, October 15, 2007

Two Student Leaders at Thai Border

Source: Voice of America

VOA interviewed two student leaders from 88-Generation who have arrived at the Thai-Burmese border; Ko Ye Tun Kyaw and Ko Nay Win Hlaing. Both told VOA that they were merely lying low temporarily and regrouping.

Ko Ye Tun Kyaw, recounting the crackdown, told VOA that the gun shots were meant for the leaders of the demonstrations. He added:
"We need to re-examine our strategy. Our peaceful demonstrations were crushed with the use of guns. There are countries that managed to get what they want by using non-violent means. Obviously, these governments respect human rights and the laws of the international community. Even the worst government in the world can't be compared to the junta. We have to re-think what we should do."

He felt that it was only right for the people to retaliate as they did when they witnessed the beating of revered monks by the military and riot police.

Ko Nay Win Hlaing also told VOA that after the cruelty inflicted on the protesters by junta, the students felt that UN could do much more than issuing a statement to the junta to stop the violence.

Ko Ye Tun Kyaw and Ko Nay Win Hlaing were high school students during the infamous 1988 uprising. They have also served time as political prisoners.

The original article in Burmese can be downloaded via this link:

USDA, Junta's New Face of Dictatorship

This came from one of our readers, Tindra-Annette, from Sweden.

The burmese people have of course known it for some time, that junta has been recruiting people under various government organisations, and planting its people in every community. It is part of a democracy road map which they had planned, so that when push comes to shove, they would get a favourable outcome at the elections that they will have to hold: continued dictatorship. Of course, such infiltration also comes in handy when there are disagreeable things such as protests against the government.

In the article below, The Network for The Democracy and Development documents the role of the USDA (Union Solidarity and Development Association) as an organization designed to infiltrate and co-opt every aspect of civil society in Burma. The report further notes that USDA, disguised as a government-operated NGO, relies on extortion, coercion, and intimidation as a means of raising funds for its “benevolent” activities.

The full 90-page report can be downloaded via this link:
The White Shirts about USDA

Updates From Burmese Blogs - 15th Oct


1902 hrs:
Out of the 400 plus student monks from Shin Phyu Monastery, Moulmein, told to go back to their home towns, over 200 reportedly never made it back. Niknayman said that the monastery's Head Abbott, has been so seriously affected by the news that he is now in ill health. It is believed that the junta must have detained the missing monks, and a detailed list has been submitted to the authorities to ask for the release of the monks.

1435 hrs:
The pro-government rally planned in Moulmein failed miserably. The drizzles started before the rally, and the teachers involved did not budge from their seats in the stands when they were asked to go down into the field. The participants also refused to repeat the pro-junta chants. It was reported that many at the back of the crowd left soon after the rally started and threw away the flags they were supposed to carry. Some officers from the armed forces were reportedly reprimanded.

1153 hrs:
Beware if anyone sends an email with the subject "A Virtual Card For You". It is a new virus.

A Petition To Request UN Troops To Move In


A petition has been started to request for UN to send its troops in, instead of urging the junta to hold peaceful negotiations.

The petition reads:
To: UN Security Concil

To: Member Nations of the United Nations Security Council
H.E. Mohamed Bedjaoui, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Algeria
H.E. Rafel Bielsa, Minister of Foreign Relations, Intl. Trade & Worship, Argentina
H.E. Rogatien Biaou, Minister of Foreign Affairs & African Integration, Benin
H.E. Celso Amorim, Minster of Foreign Affairs, Brazil
H.E. Li Zhaoxing, Minister of Foreign Affairs, China
H.E. Per Stig Moller, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Denmark
H.E. Philippe Douste-Blazy, Minister of Foreign Affairs, France
H.E. Petros Molyviatis, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Greece
H.E. Nobutaka Machimura, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Japan
H.E. Alberto Romulo, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Philippines
H.E. Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Romania
H.E. Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federations
H.E. Jack Straw, Sec. of State for Foreign & Common Wealth Affairs, United Kingdom
H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Intl. Cooperation, Tanzania
H.E. Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State, United States of America

Subject: Appeal the UN Security Council to send troops for the people of Burma

Many monks,nuns,members of parliament,members of elected Party:NLD,sympathizers are still being killed everyday in Myanmar. UN Envoy did not & will not make much improvement in Myanmar(Burma).UNSC should have the authority to stop the killing on the spot.The delaying process like sending envoy to negotiate by dialogues is not uselful anymore.
Many people were gun-shot,&thrown into rivers, fired alive by government soldiers .

We want UN Security Council to send troops for the people of Burma instead of UN Envoy.It's not the time to talk with SPDC.It's time for UN Troops to take strong action to protect thoese people from Brutal Myanmar Military.

the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC, the official name of the military regime of Burma (Myanmar)) to refrain from taking any actions that:

1. Physically harm the Buddhist monks and nuns participating in the protest marches currently taking place in major cities and towns in Burma
2. Infiltrate the protesting groups by pretending to be monks and nuns (via having the head shaven and dressing in monks' robes) and then instigitating violence from within through such pretension
3. Offer poisoned foods as alms (Dana)
4. Arresting and beating up people or persons who offers food and water (dana) to the monks
5. Arresting the protesting monks and treating them like criminals, such as catching the monks by lariats and ropes, tying them up with wires and strapping them onto electrical poles, slapping their cheeks, kicking them with military boots and hitting their heads with rifle butts.


The Undersigned

Click here to sign the petition.

Video Clip from 26th Septermber - The Revolution at Shwe Dagon

This clip, parts of which have been broadcasted by news agencies, shows people marching together with the monks, forming a human chain to protect them. They are heard chanting:
"May all beings be free from troubles, suffering, and may they all have peace of mind."

Soon after, riot police and military troops move in on the crowd, scattering the crowd with tear gas and firing on them with automatic weapons.

A monk pointed to his head and said:
"They beat us using police batons (made of metal or hard wood). We'll never forgive them."

A protester was also heard saying:
"These guys burn down motorcycles and blame it on us. We did no such thing. It was them."

[Note: Many of those who have been seen in video clips and photos have since been arrested by junta, who used these materials to do hunt them down.]

Junta Turns Against Its Soldiers

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

Following reports last week about Junta's 3-enemy strategy, DVB reported Saturday that the plan has been put into action.

A military source told DVB that soldiers belonging to troops that fired at protesters have started to defect after Gen Than Shwe issued orders to get rid of them. There were no details on the soldiers who have defected, but it was reported that most of them were from the troop that was implicated in the death of Japanese Journalist, Mr Kenji Nagai.

It was reported that the soldier who was seen shooting at Mr Nagai at close range, is one of those who defected. In the video footage, he was seen wearing a partial uniform with slippers. Sources say that this soldier is a sniper who ran down from a nearby building to the scene.

A source close to the military said that the soldiers and lower ranking officers have begun to realise that junta would soon turn against them once the protests have died down, and this has prompted the defections.

The same source had earlier sent a voice file to DVB in which a monk was heard instructing the junta to eliminate all elements of opposition, and to subsequently get rid of evidence. Gen Than Shwe is reportedly adhering to this advice.

The source confirmed that a plan has been set in motion to decimate all military troops and riot police involved in the beating and killing of monks and protesters.

For the original article in Burmese, please follow this link:

To view the report on 6th October, please follow this link:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rangoon Residents: We'll Never Forget

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

Residents of Rangoon told DVB that they will never forget the horrors they witnessed during the crackdown. Unfortunately, even as UN Envoy Professor Gambari makes a second trip to Asia, arrests are still ongoing in Burma. In fact, junta has now started widening its nets at leisure to include anyone who has been involved in the demonstrations, and in the case of prominent activists, their families.

A resident told DVB:
"All of us live in misery. No matter what we talk about, we'll end up discussing what has happened; the nights they sieged the monastries and beat the monks to death, it was chilling. There must be so many unappeased souls wandering about. We'll never forgive or forget. They've gone too far this time. Rangoon is like a godforsaken place now. It's not because of the curfew. We're all just so unhappy about what has happened. The old women keep crying. We've seen too much (cruelty)."

The man also said that there are few monks doing the morning alm-rounds, and that Buddhism has been almost wiped out.

"Religion is the basis of morals. It was Buddhism that prevented people from turning lawless. Now, it's almost like we don't have a religion anymore. So what is going to stop people from doing what they want?"

DVB also managed to get in touch with another resident who was detained in KyaiKaSan Race Cource Detention Centre, but has since been released. The man spoke on condition of anonymity:
"There was a family who stayed near the Pagoda. The whole family was arrested, including a little boy, about 6 years old. In the detention center, when they started beating the small boy up, people tried to stop them, and shield him from the blows. So they (pro-junta thugs) kept on beating these people the whole night. The little boy is still there. He's bound to be traumatised by the experience. He's so young, only in kindergarten."

For the original article in Burmese, please follow this link:

Junta's Mouthpiece on WWW

A news blog that acts as Junta's mouthpiece has been publishing articles condemning the efforts of the activists, and anyone who has enough humane empathy to feel for those who struggle for the freedom that they are so desperate for.

In an article published yesterday, the blogger denounced the Burmese who attended Japanese Journalist Kenji Nagai's funeral service as bootlickers. The article said that Mr Nagai was at fault for not being situationally aware, and being meddlesome. The blogger added that Mr Nagai died because his time was up.

The article said that the attendees were merely ingratiating themselves with the Japanese so that they can continue to earn in foreign currency.

For the full article in Burmese, please click here.

[Note: The only reason this article has been translated is to let the world know what these imbeciles really think. Singapore's Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew was spot on when he called the junta dumb.]

Burma, Land of Fear by John Pilger

This documentary lasts 52 minutes.

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