Monday, October 15, 2007

Video Clip from 26th Septermber - The Revolution at Shwe Dagon

This clip, parts of which have been broadcasted by news agencies, shows people marching together with the monks, forming a human chain to protect them. They are heard chanting:
"May all beings be free from troubles, suffering, and may they all have peace of mind."

Soon after, riot police and military troops move in on the crowd, scattering the crowd with tear gas and firing on them with automatic weapons.

A monk pointed to his head and said:
"They beat us using police batons (made of metal or hard wood). We'll never forgive them."

A protester was also heard saying:
"These guys burn down motorcycles and blame it on us. We did no such thing. It was them."

[Note: Many of those who have been seen in video clips and photos have since been arrested by junta, who used these materials to do hunt them down.]

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