Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rangoon Authorities Issue Threats to Monasteries

Source: http://lanka-msma.blogspot.com

Lanka-MSMA reported that large monastries in Rangoon were being visited by officials. The Abbotts of these monasteries were asked to tell the resident monks to return to their home towns. Failure to comply may result in midnight sieges, they were warned. Authorities further threatened the Abbotts that they will not be responsible for consequences should they be prompted to take such actions.

As a result, many monks have been forced to move out to smaller monasteries, or return to their home towns.

Monks in Rangoon also told Lanka-MSMA that security officials currently allow only one-way travel for monks, out of Rangoon to the provinces; any monks trying to enter Rangoon have been told to turn back.

For the original article in Burmese, please follow this link: http://lanka-msma.blogspot.com/2007/10/blog-post_8874.html

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