Monday, October 15, 2007

USDA, Junta's New Face of Dictatorship

This came from one of our readers, Tindra-Annette, from Sweden.

The burmese people have of course known it for some time, that junta has been recruiting people under various government organisations, and planting its people in every community. It is part of a democracy road map which they had planned, so that when push comes to shove, they would get a favourable outcome at the elections that they will have to hold: continued dictatorship. Of course, such infiltration also comes in handy when there are disagreeable things such as protests against the government.

In the article below, The Network for The Democracy and Development documents the role of the USDA (Union Solidarity and Development Association) as an organization designed to infiltrate and co-opt every aspect of civil society in Burma. The report further notes that USDA, disguised as a government-operated NGO, relies on extortion, coercion, and intimidation as a means of raising funds for its “benevolent” activities.

The full 90-page report can be downloaded via this link:
The White Shirts about USDA

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Tindra-Annette said...


good that you put up the report because its important..I sent my personal letter To President George W Bush Yesterday. so we hope you continue your fight and I will try and keep you updated with some news from sweden. The Bye Bye list has been forwarded to a swedish journalist writing for one of the biggest magazsines here in Sweden.

take care for now.

från dölj detaljer 15 okt (19 timmar sedan)
datum 2007-okt-15 15:54
skickad av


On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.

We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.

Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House cannot respond to every message.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.


"Here is the letter in full"


International Diplomacy

President of United States Of America
George W Bush

Secretary of State United States of America
H.E. Condoleezza Rice,

Tindra-Annette Broström

To whom It may concern

This is My personal letter to UN and delegates in EU regarding the situation in Burma. The time has now come for your offices to "take of your gloves" and try to make things easier for theese peoples path towards democracy.

The resent weeks of brutality and the years of cruelty and suppression in Burma raises doubt what actually can be done to support the Burmese Citizens. We all in the western world endorse Burma's path towards sustainable Democracy, and their citizens bravery to mistrust their regime

But an even worse enemy towards democratic maturity seems to be the personal prestige and colliding interests within the foreign policies institutes, governments and multinational or transnational corporate interests.

In the analyses presented from different authorities in foreign policy studies, their insights seems somewhat wasted and costly, if EU, UN and the democratic worlds Governances /Governments don't step up to their oats to their offices.

It is the point in time to progress, and rise up to the challenge and use your personal courage and explore the potential within the discrepancies instead of focusing on the restraints in the inconsistencies.

We in the democratic world know that the people are in pain, and will be suffering immensely, during the time the diplomatic negotiations take place

If there is a chance to de-escalate the burden for Burma's citizens by sending UN or EU personnel or personnel from Human rights organisations for observations you should immediately do so.

I close the letter with some words from General Lauris Norstad, Saceur SHAPE during the cold war era.

My main critisism would be that making a greater monstrosity out of an already monstrous organization is something of an offence against common sen se. (Note 269 between president Eisenhower and Lauris Norstad)

With Compassion and hope for Peace, Transparacy and Sustainable Democracy in the world.

Tindra-Annette Broström
Sunne, Värmland Sweden

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