Monday, October 15, 2007

Two Student Leaders at Thai Border

Source: Voice of America

VOA interviewed two student leaders from 88-Generation who have arrived at the Thai-Burmese border; Ko Ye Tun Kyaw and Ko Nay Win Hlaing. Both told VOA that they were merely lying low temporarily and regrouping.

Ko Ye Tun Kyaw, recounting the crackdown, told VOA that the gun shots were meant for the leaders of the demonstrations. He added:
"We need to re-examine our strategy. Our peaceful demonstrations were crushed with the use of guns. There are countries that managed to get what they want by using non-violent means. Obviously, these governments respect human rights and the laws of the international community. Even the worst government in the world can't be compared to the junta. We have to re-think what we should do."

He felt that it was only right for the people to retaliate as they did when they witnessed the beating of revered monks by the military and riot police.

Ko Nay Win Hlaing also told VOA that after the cruelty inflicted on the protesters by junta, the students felt that UN could do much more than issuing a statement to the junta to stop the violence.

Ko Ye Tun Kyaw and Ko Nay Win Hlaing were high school students during the infamous 1988 uprising. They have also served time as political prisoners.

The original article in Burmese can be downloaded via this link:

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