Monday, October 15, 2007

Updates From Burmese Blogs - 15th Oct


1902 hrs:
Out of the 400 plus student monks from Shin Phyu Monastery, Moulmein, told to go back to their home towns, over 200 reportedly never made it back. Niknayman said that the monastery's Head Abbott, has been so seriously affected by the news that he is now in ill health. It is believed that the junta must have detained the missing monks, and a detailed list has been submitted to the authorities to ask for the release of the monks.

1435 hrs:
The pro-government rally planned in Moulmein failed miserably. The drizzles started before the rally, and the teachers involved did not budge from their seats in the stands when they were asked to go down into the field. The participants also refused to repeat the pro-junta chants. It was reported that many at the back of the crowd left soon after the rally started and threw away the flags they were supposed to carry. Some officers from the armed forces were reportedly reprimanded.

1153 hrs:
Beware if anyone sends an email with the subject "A Virtual Card For You". It is a new virus.

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