Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Updates From Burma: 16th October 2007

Rumours are rife in Rangoon that there will be a blood bath in November. According to residents, many astrologers have predicted another major uprising towards the end of the year. One famous astrologer, Min Thein Kha, has been earlier apprehended for making such predictions.

Meanwhile, officials continue to comb the city for those involved in protests. A resident who went to make a police report for missing documents saw the staff busy scrutinising photos of protesters.

"We were waiting for them to finish the report. We saw one of the guys call someone. He told the person to send over the the photos taken on the 24th and 26th."

The resident also saw lists of female names on a board, apparently intended for the pro-government rallies. There were also notes about wake-up calls and pick-up schedules.

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