Friday, October 19, 2007

Announcement: Beware of Pro-democratic Scammers

A few words of caution to dear readers: please check thoroughly about the charitible organization before you make a donation through them. Please make sure your hard earned cash arrives in right hands for the right cause. Support Burma. Not Pro-democratic Scammers.

For those uninformed, there are groups of people who gets unethical benefit from mayhem and carnegie in Burma. I call them Pro-democratic Scammers. These organizations are disguised as Pro-democratic humanitarian organizations running charities for the troubled people of Burma. They tend to make up and exaggerate news, fake photos, fake the figures and talk nonsense to the public and NGOs as well as GOs to scam charity money from them and -- you guessed it! -- most of the cash ends up in their pockets.

Worse, they have vested interest in SPDC. SPDC is their money tree. They need SPDC to torture and kill people in Burma so that they can cry out for help and fool to kind-hearted people like you and me to fill and re-fill their pockets or buy designer clothes with bigger pockets to fill. Therefore, they do not want Burma gets Independence. In my personal opinion, they might even have connections with SPDC. That means, in a way, you can conclude that supporting them is the same as supporting SPDC which is the same as strengthening the chains Burma has to break to gain her freedom. That's the least thing you could have ever imagined to contribute to!

All in all, please remember: C comes before D -- Check before you make a Donation. We greatly respect, highly appreciate and are very grateful for the philanthropic efforts you made in supporting Burma. May we succeed!

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Anonymous said...

Kastle, thanks for the warning... tiny ?
who r thoz? please

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