Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rasputin of Burma Identified

Rasputin of Burma

According to a Blog ran by
Sri Lanka based Burmese Buddhist Monks, the key player who advised the implementation of brutal genocide to SPDC has been identified Kya Khat Wine Sayardaw aka (U) Zaw Ti Par La who is the "abbot" of Kya Khat Wine Monastery in Pegu. The sound file recorded during his adversarial speeches to SPDC top dogs has been leaked to the public for some time but none has been able to identify the speaker. Though, it turns out that some of the Burmese Monks from the Sri Lanka had lived in Kya Khat Wine Monastry for 1-10 years and they confirmed the true identity of the speaker repetitive analysts of the speaker's voice as well as the way he composes what he wants to deliver into a poem and making the audience recite it, the speaking style, usage of words and personal information he described during the recording which hints his identity, such as the number of Monks in his Monastery which is around 1000(There is only one Monastery that big in Pegu which is Kya Khat Wine Monastery).The recording also suggested that the speaker organized the construction of his home village which is the same as the home village of Kya Khat Wine Sayardaw(Abbot in Burmese). Moreover the Slogan of the abbot,"If man wants it for real and does it for real, he accomplishes for real" is what the speaker mentioned in the tape on several occasions.

The abbot used to get Monks arrested in cooperation with SPDC and he rules the monastery in a totalitarian manner which is how SPDC runs Burma as everyone knows, said the monks who identified the speaker.

The author, who himself is a monk, also said that he himself could, as well, guarantee about the identity because of the fact that he has studied in Kya Khat Wine Monastery for two years and he wishes the readers to believe without doubt, as he does.

According to the doctrine of Buddhism, a monk's deed could automatically denounce his monkhood. The abbot made use of that fact and convinced SPDC that monks participated in peacful marches has lost their mookhood for they did a misconduct. Whether the Mahar Sagha who sacrified their lives for the freedom of Burma deserve to lose their monkhood could be judged by me and you, dear readers, and I know that our judgements would definitely be unanimous but it is for sure that for masterminding the bloodshed of hundreds of Monks and civilians, the abbot's monkhood is automatically denounced. "He had commited the third factor which denounces one's monkhood.He is no longer a monk and he can never be one anymore. He is now an ordinary man wearing a monk's robe," said the author.

Kya Khat Wine Sayardaw was ironically born in Nate Ban(Nirvana in Burmese) Village, Kawa Township, Pegu at 8 am, 2nd Na Yone(Burmese Month), 1283(Sarsana Year) by (U) Boe Thone & (Daw) Own Pwint. He has 9 siblings and he is the fifth child and his original name is (Maung) Kyar Khine. He was greatly loved by his parents and they had very high hopes on him so they bestowed him with monkhood and blessed him. Although, their hopes never materialized and instead he became the mastermind behind the worst homicide in the History of Burma and at the same time denounced his own monkhood, giving away the greatest gift his parents have given to him.


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