Saturday, October 06, 2007

Junta's Strategy: Use Soldiers as Scapegoats to Exterminate Monks and Students

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

On a widely circulating sound file, a monk was heard instructing junta to take harsh action against disciples of Buddha, students, and soldiers.

The monk, who remains unidentified, appeared to have briefed the top officials right after the monks from PaKokku were arrested and beaten into submission. On the sound file, the monk was heard supporting Junta's actions and told them to be decisive in carrying out their crackdown.

The monk told his audience to be wary of 3 powers: Monks, students, and soldiers. He counselled the junta to eliminate all elements of rebellion, and also to wipe out any evidence.

A source close to the Defense Head Quarters said that the junta has issued secret orders to use the Commander and soldiers of Battalion 66, which has been in charge of the crackdown on monks, as the scapegoat and to subsequently finish them off.

For the full report in Burmese, please follow this link:

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