Sunday, September 30, 2007

Daw Kyine Kyine Spotted in Singapore!

Breaking News!

According to Nik Nayman's Blog, an eyewitness spotted Daw Kyine Kyine(Wife of General Than Shwe) in front of Mustafa Shopping Mall(Singapore) at 6:00 in a blue Toyota Vios. The eyewitness was Nik Nayman's roommate. The car slowly drifted away from the junction adjacent to Mustafa. She was sitting in the rear seat, accompanied by two men at the front seats and two women dressed in elegant cloths on her sides. They were seen smiling and not seemed to be worried about their personal security according to the eyewitness.



FuckDayKyineKyine said...

KILL that Bitch

FuckDayKyineKyine said...

someone please kill that Bitch and her dog family.

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