Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Breaking News: Dismissed Colonel Under House Arrest


2nd October 2007

Following reports that Colonel Hla Htay Win has been dismissed from the army for defying orders, he and his family have been placed under house arrest, and their assets have been confiscated by authorities.


Anonymous said...

I read earlier at the abs-cbnnews...

"Myanmar Military officer defects to Thailand"

What is the truth now?

Japan is going to press charges for the death of Mr Nagai, are the junta pointing putting blame on the desertor?

Tindra-Annette said...

Hi I have linked your blog to a swedish blogg and I would loke to give you muy support. This is a letter that we swedish bloggers from Burma have sent to Primeminister Gordon Brown an UN and our swedish Foregin Minister Carl Bildt. Here is the letter: We will also suport you tomorrow in your campaign and I will try to write in english so you and your frends can read..

Letter to UN and other Important persons.

"To whom it may concern"

To all of you, who were pleading for democracy in Myanmar/ Burma.

We are many in the Swedish blogosphere that would like to manifest our support for you and your peoples work towards democracy.

We are all aware of the mediareports regarding the situation in Myanmar /Burma. And the situation is escalating.

In an effort to be able to prevent and reduce the dangers of more deadly violence, we are urging you to consider what other precausions can be made. Not only from a Swedish prespective, but also from EU and United Nations, UN.

Our urgent request is that the UN and EU delegats and the Security Council strongly condem the violent acts that are taking place in Myanmar / Burma.

Out of compassion we bloggers and their readers from Sweden recomend the Myanmar /Burmes Military leaders to re-evaluate the violence.

And we Swedish bloggers and their readers of them hope that the burmese Military Governance without hesitation immidiatley will open for peaceful and a reparable dialouge. And in co-operation with its own Citizens

Our expectation is also that EU and UN are able to send several diplomatic and/ or human rights representatives as the sorrounding worlds objective witnesses in Myanmar/ Burma.

Such actions we hope will indicate the democratic worlds opposition against agressive and fatal violence, that might lead to consequenses beyond imagination.

The rapid hostile development within Myanmar/ Burma demands careful and firm attention but de-escalating and human actions.
text ©Marcus, Translation Tindra-Annette Broström/tindra66

Tears of Buddha

A single voice, its echo meets two slumbering voices.

Three strong voices cries loudly, and awakes other sleeping tones of voices.

Cooperating human whispers, will eventually become a roar

A howl that silences the hunger of power and the proclaiming of war

© Margareth Osju Arverud.// translation Tindra-Anette Broström sweden

You are welcome to visit following links and feel fre to use the pictures with flowers or the budda with flower.


With deepest compassion
Tindra Annette Broström, Sweden


May said...


it's a different general to our knowledge. One is Hla Win, and the other is Hla Htay Win.

Please see link below

We don't have any news regarding your second question. We will update when we do.

Thanks for your interest and support. We appreciate it very much.

May said...

Dear Tindra

Thank you so much for your efforts. We will publicise your links.

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