Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Updates from Burmese Blogs: 2nd October

Source: http://niknayman.blogspot.com

0627 hrs
88 Generation of Workers announced that they will start the General Strike today.

[Flaming Peacocks at 0900 hrs: We have unconfirmed news from local sources that the civil servants intend to start the strike today; they collected their salaries yesterday. This news cannot be confirmed as we could not establish contact with Yangon]

0545 hrs

Niknayman received news that junta will use fake monks to attack churches and mosques in order to incite religious riots.

0539 hrs

Than Shwe has reportedly summoned all the Battalion Commanders to Naypyi, the administrative capital of Only Platoon Commanders are allowed to stay on with the soldiers. Battalion Commanders Colonel Min Zaw and Colonel Hla Tun Oo, who were in-charge of Battalions 33 and 99 respectively, have been dismissed for defying orders.

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