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Sept 30 Updates from Burmese Blogs: Myochitmyanmar


Junta has reportedly hired IT experts from Russia to hack into blogs reporting on the current affairs in Burma. All bloggers are advised to take precautions.
[Flaming Peacocks: 2 days ago, the Irrawady News website was hacked]

1646 hrs
In Taung Kote Township, Arakan state, 800 people, led by 4 monks, staged a protest.

1623 hrs
A businessman said, via phone, that Tayza, the right hand businessman of Gen Than Shwe, is in Dubai to clinch a deal to import petroleum, as the deals with Singapore and Malaysia are not working out. He added that the closure of Tayza's company for 2 months (Note from Flaming Peacocks: The staff were paid their wages in advance and were told not to come to work for 2 months) was merely a diversion tactic. The deal in Dubai was said to be almost settled, with Tayza being the only partner from Burma.

1529 hrs
People have been recruited by the junta with daily wages starting from 1000 kyats (Approximately USD 0.70) to 2000. It is not clear why they were recruited. They number hundreds and they are brought to strategic places in trucks and cars. Some of them were seen playing cards by the roadside.

1528 hrs
In Yangon, there have been no crowds so far, unlike yesterday. There are troops guarding 34th street, which has prevented the public from regrouping. It looks like they will act once a crowd gathers. In Mandalay, a decree was broadcasted yesterday, 29th, warning people that should there be any groups of vehicles acting as road blocks, all people involved will be persecuted according to present regulations.

1431 hrs
Mr Gambari reportedly had this meeting after meeting General Than Shwe in the country's administrative town, Naypyi.

1431 hrs
Mr Gambari met with Daw Aung San Su Kyi in Yangon this afternoon for 20 minutes.
[Flaming Peacocks: reported that the meeting lasted 90 minutes]

1429 hrs

1421 hrs
The Irrawady News office in Mae Sod was searched by Police

1352 hrs
Reverend U Gambiya, wanted by the junta for his involvement in the protests, told that it is time for the people to take the lead. He added that the sangha has done all it can, with many being detained or killed for their part. He said that the military's actions show that they are worse than dictators, and are, in fact, terrorists.

1351 hrs
In Mae Sod, Thailand, Thai troops arrested burmese workers who were demonstrating in front of the UN office.

1334 hrs
People in Yangon reported that the monasteries are facing difficulties securing alms. The guarding military troops have been restricting the offering of alms by the devotees by refusing to allow them entry, and also stopping the monks from going out to collect alms. This is a serious violation of human rights, and we need the help of the international community to dispatch organisations such as International Red Cross and UN to help our monks.

[Flaming Peacocks: We have reliable news that in some places, some monks are not able to get enough sustenance due to the recent unrest, even though they can go out to collect alms. The devotees have been quietly spreading the word in the neighbourhoods to get people to offer food to the monks. However, they do not dare to do so publicly as they are afraid to attract the attention of the Town Council and fear repercussions. In Singapore, people have started collecting monetary donations to send financial aid to such monasteries]

1324 hrs
UN representative Mr Gambari is housed in the VIP Guest House on the University Avenue. Road blocks have been set up by police and military troops at each end of this road, effectively barring entry to civilians.

1324 hrs
During Mr Gambari's presence, the government has been trying to stage counter-demonstrations at remote towns to show that they are in public favour. For this morning's counter-protest in the town of Loy Kwor, villages with at least 50 households were ordered to send 30 representative, and villages with at least 30 households, 25 people at least.

1310 hrs
According to KNU, people from 2 townships from the Northern state of Kayar, held special prayer sessions in support of the protesters. Meanwhile, the same group reported that the Town Councils have ordered each village to send 20 people each in order to put together groups of Swan Arr Shinn (pro-junta thugs).

1308 hrs:
It is rumoured that all the monks from the Ngwe Kyar Yan monastries have been killed.

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