Sunday, September 30, 2007

Annoucement by KNU Relating the Crack Down on Sept. 26

An official announcement reported to be issued by KNU(Karen National Union) on last Thursday in Burmese language was seen posted on Dr Lun Swe's Blog.

According to it KNU:

(1) Strongly condemns the brutal crack down on monks and civilians peacefully protesting since it is a horrifying evil act.

(2) States that the crack down catalyzed the further movement of monks and protestors and therefore demands SPDC to take the full responsiblity of its own actions if the terrorist act is continued.

(3) Strongly Urges the Army to stop shooting and killing civilians and Mahar Sangha as commanded by SPDC generals for the stability of their power but instead turn the barrels of their guns unanimously towards the SPDC generals and stand for Mahar Sangha and civilians.

(4) Urges again that the soldiers at the front line to rebell the SPDC generals, unite with Mahar Sangha and civilians as well as contact with KNU and other revolutionary organizations.

(5) Urges all ethic minorities and organizations of ethic minorities which have seized fire to unite with Mahar Sangha and civilians rebel the SPDC regime unanimously.

(6) States that the brutal gunfire of SPDC does not show their strength and therefore urges Mahar Sangha and civilians to strike with greater momentum.

(7)Urges UN and the foreign countries which desire freedom, justice and peace that instead of staying aside and watching current terrorist acts of SPDC which are extremely horrifying, bring them to justice, punish them by various means and bring them to seizure .


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