Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Skirmishes between KNU and Military Troops Continue

Source: http://dvb.no

KNU (Karen National Uni
on) troops continue to have run-ins with the junta troops along the border of KNU-controlled domains.

Following reports of the first skirmish between the two sides (http://flamingpeacocks.blogspot.com/2007/10/skirmish-at-thai-border-between-knu-and.html), battles continue at the KNU-controlled territories on a daily basis, said Pado Marn Shah, Secretary of the Karen National Union.

KNU has earlier urged Burmese soldiers to join forces with the monks and civilians who have been carrying out peaceful demonstrations. Padoh Marn Shah added that KNU would welcome any of the soldiers who defected from the junta-controlled army.

"We have notified them to not only unite with the peoples, but also to get in touch with the rebel groups, before taking any necessary actions to aid the revolution."

Padoh Marn Shah also entreated soldiers not to shoot down the monks, but instead, to turn the barrels of the rifles back on those who command them to open fire. He felt that while the top generals in the junta are inhumane monsters, the soldiers themselves are part of the people who can help to continue the fight against the junta.

"The soldiers are just like you and I, slaves of the military regime. We need to form an alliance to overthrow this regime who has repressed us for decades."

Padoh Marn Shah told DVB that between months of March and September 2007, the number of defections (from the junta-controlled army to KNU) exceeds 70.

According to local sources, the junta has been expanding the number of its troops along the border precincts of Karen State and TaNinThaRee States by stepping up its recruitment efforts. Recruiters are also under orders not to accept anyone from Karen ethnic group.

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