Friday, October 05, 2007

Town Councils and Swan Arr Shin at the Recieving End of Boycotts


Monks and civilians are boycotting the members of Town Councils and the pro-junta thugs who call themselves Swan Arr Shin by ostracising them and by not patronising their businesses.

In Taung Kote, Arakan State, a resident said the locals snub the food stalls run by these members, and they would rather walk than take the trishaws pulled by them. He added that the strategy has proven to be effective. The residents have urged the other cities to do the same.

In Mandalay, after the monks have made known their intention to refuse to perform funeral rites for such members, their worried family members have asked them to leave the organisations. However, it was reported that they were not allowed to resign.

In WaKaeMa, Ayawaddi State, the monks and civilians have made a list of Town Council and Swan Arr Shin members and have vowed to blacklist and ostracise them. Any monks who agree to perform funeral rites for these people will have to face the Monks' Community for breaching the honour code of the monks.

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