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Worldwide Prayer Sessions Held In Memory of Monks and Civilians Who Lost Their Lives


5th October 2007

Democratic Voice of Burma reported that special prayer meetings were held in various places in memory of the monks and civilians who sacrificed their lives during the demonstrations last week. These meetings were held countrywide, and aborad. Cities that participated include Yangon, Mandalay, Chiang Mai, New Delhi, and Washington D. C.

In Burma, the meetings were quiet and discreet as the threat of persecution by Junta is still fresh in the minds of the people. All monasteries and temples in Mandalay held these prayer sessions, and small groups of people gathered to hold candle light vigils.

A resident said that the people will continue protesting in their own homes even though the brutal crackdown meant that they cannot go out on the streets to carry out demonstrations.

"The junta is so afraid of losing their power that they would choose to misunderstand the intentions of people who stage peaceful demonstrations to the point of killing them. It was a heavy sacrifice. So in order to avoid such tragedies, our venerable monks are using a different tactic to pray for peace," added the resident who also said that there are plans to continue with such forms of quiet protests.

In Yangon, the sessions concluded by praying for the welfare of all beings. The names of the monasteries cannot be disclosed as they risk being attacked by the junta.

In Chiang Mai, the combined prayer session (for all religions) held yesterday at 5pm was attended by about 300 people including Bishops, Islamic Religious leaders, burmese expatriates and students, as well as thai nationals and nationals from western countries. It is reported that there will be another session on tonight.

About a hundred Burmese expatriates, joined by locals, meditated in front of the Burmese Embassy in Washington D. C this morning at 7am. The protesters have camped out round the clock in front of the embassy since August 22nd.

Burmese monks studying in New Delhi also organised a prayer session yesterday which saw about 360 monks in total. A monk from Sri Lanka, who attended the session, said:
"We have to stand with the monks who were brutally killed during the peaceful demonstrations. This is not an issue only related to Burmese monks. It has happened in Burma; it can happen to another country. Therefore, in the interest of Buddhism, we need to work in unison."

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