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5th - 7th October: Prayer Sessions for All Heroes of the Revolution

Burmese Muslims to Join


Starting this Friday, 5th of October, prayer sessions for all religions will be held in Burma to honour those who lost their lives during the revolution. The prayer sessions will be held for 3 consecutive days, said Lu Htu Hlote Shar Mhu Kyi Kyat Yay Committee, loosely translated as the Committee for Mass Movement.

Formed on the 27th of September, the Committee is comprised of 9 organisations such as All-Burma's Monks Alliance, 88 Generation Burma of Students, and various other groups representing monks, youths, poets, songwriters, lawyers and journalists.

The Committee made this announcement yesterday in a statement which said that it will hold peaceful prayer sessions and candle light vigils over the weekend at all famous pagodas, mosques, and churches. It also appealed to all Buddhists to raise the Buddhist flag at home and in the monasteries.

In the published statement, the Committee said that it will pray for:
a. a free Burma and the return of peace and prosperity to Burma,
b. the release of unfairly imprisoned monks, students, and civilians,
c. the collapse of its ruthless ruling junta and democratic reforms that the Heroes of the Revolution fought so hard for.

DVB reported today that Burmese Muslim Association has also issued a statement urging its members to support this movement. Ko Kyaw Sua, a spokesmen of the Burmese Muslim Association, said:
"Our religion teaches us the same values. It is our duty to do what we can for our country. Our forefathers have done the same thing."

The statement, issued in Burmese and Urdu, told its members to unite with the rest of the country in body and soul, in order to overthrow a regime that has shown its true grotesque colours by not only burning down mosques and churches, but also launching a ruthless crackdown on the sangha, the guardians of Buddism, their own religion.

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