Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Junta Uses Agents to Catch Journalists


Original article in Burmese:

2nd October 2007

Junta had deployed its agents to take pictures and videos of civilians and journalists who have been capturing the revolution. According to journalists in Yangon, these records are meant for the authorities to search out those who have presumably been acting as informers to the international media.

These agents are said to be working for the Ministry of Information and Communications. In one instance, such an agent was caught on camera, hiding behind the ranks of troops, and taking pictures of protesters.

There are rumours that Junta is preparing to apprehend these civilians and reporters, who have been capturing images of the cruelty of Junta towards the protesters, that many have been forced to go into hiding.

As the security has become tighter, and checks have become much more routine, even ordinary people are now afraid to carry cameras for occasions, said a resident of Yangon. Reporters also said that Yangon-based foreign correspondents also had their phone lines cut off.

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