Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Latest Updates from Democratic Voice of Burma: 2nd October - up to 2.30pm

Source: http://dvb.no
Original Article in Burmese: http://burmese.dvb.no/news.php?id=2219


A local source told DVB that the security has been tightened in Yangon. There are constant patrols all over the city, and there has been stringent checks.

The entrances of Sule Pagoda are blocked and heavy security checks have caused much distress to devotees who visit the pagoda to pray. It is reported that there is also a similar situation in Shwedagon Pagoda.

A public bus was stopped and ordered to make a detour to SanPya Movie Theatre. There, all passengers on board were thoroughly searched and arrests were made, said a woman who was herself among those searched.

Anyone with a camera or a mobile phone was immediately detained, and even nail clippers, small scissors, and pen knives were confiscated. This has made it difficult to get any news out of the city.

However, the people are said to be secretly trying to stage protests, and they will strike if there is a small window of opportunity.

Japan Embassy

At 10:10 am local time, two representatives from the Japan Embassy placed a wreath at the site where the Japanese Journalist, Kenji Nagai, was gunned down in Yangon. Afterwards, civilian Japanese followed suit, witnesses said.

A painter from AungLan detained

In the town of AungLan, MaGuay State, a man who was agitated while watching the protests aired by international channels, was detained. Ko Kyaut Khe, a painter, yelled "Long live Buddism" while watching scenes of monks being beaten up.

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