Monday, October 01, 2007

Word of Caution to all Burmese in Singapore

Flaming Peacocks would like to remind all Burmese that when signing petitions, they should be careful to read the contents. For the petition signed by those who attended the protest outside the Burmese Embassy in Singapore, SDP's Chee, in fact, was asking everyone to sign two letters; one against the Burmese Junta, and the other against Singapore Government.
We would like to remind you to keep your eyes open, and ensure that you do not get involved in anything which is against your beliefs.
To read the two letters drafted by Chee, please follow this link:


ANNIMANI said...

pls all be careful about this..

it had been a good news that SDP helps burmese people in Spore in protesting and organizing petition... until SPF released a media press on 30th Sep...
according the the media press of Spore Police Force released ...
SDP's Chee didn't really get a permission from Spore gov to legally protest

Read the below link and..
responsible for your safety as well..

BUT, dont let this depress you, we can still find ways to help ...

icyflame said...

Annimani: Thank you for the comment, and the url that you posted.

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