Friday, November 23, 2007

Myanmar Releases Prisoners to Die at Home

Source: Spero News

Sources say Myanmar releases prisoners as a token of good will only to die days later because of ill treatment in prison.

“The international community does not want to do anything for the Burmese people; perhaps all that can be done is pray. Please, do not forget us,” said a desperate appeal, made by a group of Burmese, that reached AsiaNews. The members of this group no longer believe in the junta’s promises, nor do they think international action can be effective. “Acts of good will like releasing protesters arrested in September are false,” they said on condition of anonymity out of security concerns.

One of the prisoners released, who is from a northern region of the country, said that out seven cellmates who went home with him, three died soon after as a result of “disease contracted in prison or torture.”

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