Thursday, December 13, 2007

News from Inside Burma

Source: Nik Nayman

According to a soldier, part of a regiment on duty at one of Rangoon's universities, government agents have been compiling details of 9 university students whom they suspect have been involved in politics. They apparently took leading roles in the Saffron Revolution in September along with the monks. The agents are reported to have obtained their full names and their addresses, and investigations were still ongoing. These students are expected to be detained when they return after the vacation.

It was also reported that during the recent examinations at the same university, students who wore black were made to sign an agreement. Niknayman reported that the invigilators followed the students to make them sign the agreements, which stated that they will stop wearing black to the examination. This has left many students baffled and unhappy; they also expressed solidarity with the monks, and said they would continue wearing black or red in support of the Saffron Revolution.

In another university in Rangoon, a student was arrested last month in connection with anti-junta posters.

For the original article in Burmese, please click here.

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