Sunday, October 28, 2007

Air Bagan Using Smaller Planes

A passenger on Air Bagan told Flaming Peacocks that Air Bagan was now flying smaller planes for the Rangoon-Singapore route. The passenger said that she also encountered problems checking in at the Singapore Changi Airport.

"The flight was supposed to be at 4.10. But at 2 plus, there was no check-in row assigned even though flights with later departure times already had their check-in row numbers displayed. Finally, about 2.30, we approached an airport staff who told us we could check in at Row 8."

The passenger was not sure if the delay was due to Air Bagan shutting down its international routes in a week's time. She also told FP that her travel agent in Burma called her home in Rangoon to tell her about the air line ceasing its operations from November 5th onwards for international flights.

"My agent said I should contact the local office, and they'll help me arrange for a seat with other airlines."

She also added that the plane's departure was delayed due to the heavy rain which started just before take-off.

"The plane is very small. There're only 5 seats in each row, about 100 seats in total. So we were delayed for a long time. I think they didn't dare to fly in such bad weather. We were just sitting in the plane, waiting for take-off. There was also a lot of turbulence during the flight."

She also told FP that contrary to rumours that immigration staff at Rangoon airport were checking on people returning home, she did not encounter any problems at all. Earlier, there has been reports that airport officials were checking people returning against photographs of people involved in overseas protests.

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