Monday, October 29, 2007

Suspected Helpers of Ko Htay Kywe Detained

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

Authorities have detained the owner and workers of the rubber plantation where 88-Generation Student Leader, Ko Htay Kywe, was found.

Ko Htay Kywe was arrested on the 13th of October at a rubber plantation near Pegu, owned by a man named Ko Aung Gyi. The police team who arrested Ko Htay Kywe subsequently detained Ko Aung Gyi and his workers. The policemen are currently stationed at the rubber plantation and have sold off all the properties of Ko Aung Gyi and the neighbours are also being questioned, said a resident.

"They ask us for things like liquor and chicken. We had to give them. They sold off all the things from Ko Aung Gyi's house, rice, oil, even glass bottles."

The resident added that the family members of those detained were worried as they have not been informed of the whereabouts of the detainees.

Meanwhile, the officer of the team responsible for the arrest of Ko Htay Kywe, has reportedly received a monetary reward of 250,000 from one of the Majors, and 50,000 each from other superiors. DVB also reported that he was in line for a promotion.

For the full article in Burmese, please click here.

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