Thursday, November 15, 2007

Canada Imposes New Sanctions on Burma

Source: Globe and Mail Update and Reuters

Canada will impose “the toughest sanctions in the world” on Burma, to further isolate its military junta after September's violent crackdown on protesters, Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier announced Wednesday.

 “Tougher sanctions against Burma are the right thing to do. They are right on moral grounds. The regime in Burma is abhorrent to Canadian values,” he said.

The sanctions include a ban on all imports and exports to and from Burma, except for humanitarian goods, and a ban on new investment by Canadians and Canadian companies.

As well, Ottawa will freeze assets in Canada of any designated Burmese nationals connected with the junta, prohibit the provision of Canadian financial services to and from Canada, and prohibit the export of any technical data to Myanmar. Canadian-registered ships and aircraft will be prohibited from docking or landing in the country.

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