Thursday, October 25, 2007

Burmese Junta's minister meets with Daw AungSanSuKyi

It is confirmed that 3 government vehicles picked up Daw AungSanSuKyi from her residence around 2pm Burma time on 25,Oct. The government's newly appointed Minister for Diplomancy,Gen Aung Kyi met with DASSK at a government buililding according to the foreign diplomat society and other sources.
These steps of the Junta are welcomed by some hoping that it would develop into dialogue for real change. Others doubt that the junta is just trying to show fake steps to reduce the international attention and to trick UN and EU into not taking serious actions.
Mr Gambari is right now at Japan to talk with the Japanese officials about Burma case. During the past days, he also talked with the officials of China and Russia. As always, offcials of both countries said that they support Gambari's actions for Burma.

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