Thursday, October 25, 2007

Forced Rallies Continue

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

Mya Wadi, Karen State: Authorities issued an order for each household to send one representative to the pro-government rallies held this morning at the town's sports stadium. Any household defying this order will have to pay a fine consisting a bag of cement mix, and 8000 kyats (~ USD 6.00).

A participant said:
"In one neighbourhood, they herded the people up the truck like they were animals. The roads have been closed since 6am. Everyone's unhappy".

A resident told DVB that officials and USDA members shouted vulgarities at households who were unable to send representatives. In some instances, people were forcibly asked to go to the town council offices immediately.

The resident also said that it was pointless to force the public to attend such rallies against their will and that people earning daily wages are especially affected.

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