Monday, October 22, 2007

Current Situation in Rangoon and Mandalay

Source: Radio Free Asia

21st October 2007

RFA reported Sunday that while the curfew has been lifted in Rangoon and Mandalay, the situation remains tense in both cities with the presence of army troops in the pagodas and other major locations.

Many people were reported to have been arrested for breaking the curfew since last month when it was first issued. Among them were people who had to travel to their homes in the suburbs after work. Several others who needed emergency medical treatment in the night were also required to obtain permission from town councils.

In Rangoon, the armed forces are still keeping their foothold at KyaikaSan Race Course, and security forces remain at ShweDagon and other pagodas. At KyaikaSan Pagoda, flower sellers are seeing little business due to the presence of troops. A resident living nearby also told RFA that the troops have been killing fish and turtles, kept as pets within the pagoda premises, for food.

In Mandalay, 24-hour eateries and downtown restaurants are said to be back in business. Also, security forces stationed at pagodas and major teaching monasteries also have been withdrawn.

However, residents of both cities told RFA that the monasteries are still largely deserted.

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