Saturday, November 10, 2007

Public Stops Worship of Junta's Abbott

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

DVB Friday reported that once-famous Kya Khat Wine Sayadaw of Pegu, has lost the respect of many of his devotees for siding openly with the junta.

Residents told DVB that many have stopped offering alms to the monks of the monastery during the morning alms rounds, and patrons of the monastery has also stopped making cash contributions.

"In the past, almost everyone used to make offerings during the morning alms rounds. But now, only the fanatics continue to support the monastery. The Abbott used to be much respected throughout the state, but his actions have alienated the public. There used to be monthly donations in terms of cash and food, and a medical fund. They have all been stopped."

"The Abbott doesn't seem to care, because he has more than 3000 lakh (1 lakh ~ 68 USD) in the coffers. He said something to that effect during one of the prayer sessions; that it didn't matter if he was left with just one worthy disciple."

The source added that many of the monks residing in the monastery have left as a result of the Abbott's anti-foreign media propaganda.

"One of the frequent visitors to the monastery told us that before every meal, the monks are made to repeat phrases that condemn the foreign media. The people living near the monastery said many of the monks have left at the end of Buddhist Lent because they were unhappy over such incidents. The number of monks have been reduced to just over 300."

The resident also told DVB that town council members and USDC members were made to attend the light festival celebrations in the monastery as the devotees, who used to turn up in large numbers for such events, boycotted the event.

For the original article in Burmese, please click here.

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