Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Chased From Streets, Myanmar Monks Get Out Message on Video

Source: Agence France-Presse via Yahoo News

Unable to speak directly to their followers in public, two senior monks – Ashin Nyanissara and Ashin Kawvida -- have recorded their sermons on a video disc titled "The end of sinful people".

In the sermon, they discuss the legend of a ruthless emperor who violated the teachings of the Lord Buddha, which resulted in him, and his followers, being sent to hell.

Ashin Nyanissara is a founder of the respected Sagaing Thitagu World Buddha University in northern Myanmar, which is popular among foreigners who come to Myanmar, the former Burma, to study the religion.

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Note from FP:

1.       There are 3 sermons in total including the one mentioned in the article, all using religious legends analogous to the current state of affairs. In one of the sermons, Ashin Nyanissara speaks about a group of monkeys who, lacking intelligence, end up destroying a beautiful garden they are taking care of.

2.       Nik Nayman reported on his blog that the punishment for possessing these ‘illgal’ recordings is 6 years imprisonment.

3.       In Singapore, the sermons can be purchased at Peninsula Plaza. Each VCD costs SGD 3.00.

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