Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Poet Arrested for Citing Poetry at Lu-Du Daw A-Mar's Birthday

Source: Nik Nayman

A well-known poet has been detained after reciting poetry at author Lu Du Daw A-Mar’s 90th birthday, according to sources in the Military Intelligence. For the sake of his career, the pseudonym of the poet cannot be published.

Other poets, hunted by junta, have reportedly gone into hiding.

One of the poets on the run said: “We were merely handing out poetry pamphlets. It wasn’t as if we were carrying out protests or using any type of force. It’s funny how they tried to hunt us down as though we’re criminals. But we wont be afraid even if we get arrested. When we’re released, we’ll carry on fighting for our people. I believe our friend in detention feels the same way.”

For the original article in Burmese, please follow this link:

Note from FP:

1.       Lu Du Daw A-Mar is known for her hard line stance against the junta.

2.       Junta is notorious for banning the works of artistes for the slightest provocation. Please refer to our earlier report ( for more details.

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