Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Statement of Global Alliance of Burmese Students Condemning the Crackdown of Maggin Monastery by Burmese regime

Source: Burmanet

We, Global Alliance of Burmese Students, condemn Burmese junta’s atrocious action to crack down on Maggin Monastry, in Thin Gan Gyun Township, Yangon, which is actively helping people living with HIV/AIDS by providing food, shelter, and care with great compassion . This contradicts the regime’s propaganda and restricts the development of Buddhism in Burma. Also, while the global community and international organizations such as the UN and UNAIDS are celebrating the 20th World AIDS Day on December 1st  to raise awareness of the pandemic disease in solidarity, such an act of abominable savagery can be construed as utmost insult on the global community’s noble commitment to fight against HIV/AIDS and on the civilized humanity.

We call for a stop to such brutal actions and also for a return of all properties owned by the monastery to the abbot. If the SPDC ignores our demand, it will face more pressure and protests against the regime externally as well as internally. We, Global Alliance of Burmese Students (GABS), will lead regular protests in front of Burmese embassy in Bangkok, starting December 2, coming Sunday.

Global Alliance of Burmese Students (Thailand)

Kyaw Lin Oo
Mobile Phone +66 84 107 9352

Suluck Lamubol (Fai)
Students Federation of Thailand
Mobile Phone +66 83 991 9876

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