Monday, October 08, 2007

Detained Youths Die From Injuries

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

Two of the youths detained at the City Hall after the protests last month have died from injuries inflicted by security forces during their arrests, said a man who was similarly detained but managed to secure his release. Their identities remain unknown.

According to the man, the troops responsible are from Light Infantry Division Battalion 66. He added that the watches and accessories on the bodies of the two men were kept by the troops, and the bodies were seen being taken away at about 11pm on the night of 29th September.

He told DVB that all detainees were made to surrender their personal belongings to the troops.

Similarly, another unidentified youth also died at the hands of the troops at KyaiKaSan Race Course on the 29th of September. According to a witness, his body was also taken away by the troops from LID Battalion 66.  

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