Monday, October 08, 2007

Junta Bars Foreigners from Entering Burma

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

According to an unnamed source close to the Singapore Burmese Embassy, Junta has instructed its embassies not to issue any visas to foreigners.

The source added that this ban will remain in effect until end of December.

While DVB is still trying to verify this information, a hotel owner in Mandalay also confirmed that it was true. The owner added that hotels and travel operators in Rangoon, Mandalay, and Bagan were facing difficulties due to the shortfall of tourists. Also, the bigger players, he said, were being forced to retrench staff.<

While the reasons for the visa ban are not clear, it is speculated that it might be spurred on by the boycott of Bagan Airways by both local and foreign travelers. Bagan Airways is owned by Tayza, the son-in-law of Gen Than Shwe.

A veteran politician noted that the visa ban might be to prevent international activists from entering Burma.

In an interview with DVB, a staff from a hotel said that while there were rumours about the visa ban, there were no official statements from the authorities.

Some travelers from Rangoon said that they were only able to buy outbound tickets. Some of the inbound flights were cancelled due to lack of bookings.

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