Friday, October 12, 2007

Update from Burmese Blogs: 12th October 2007


1529 hrs
The burmese public urged its fellow citizens based in foreign countries to honour those who have sacrificed their lives by boycotting the Burmese embassies, and refraining from transactions such as paying tax.

[Note: All burmese citizens who work abroad are required to pay double tax; they will not be allowed to renew their passport otherwise. In order to circumvent non-double taxation agreements signed with countries such as Singapore, the burmese people are coerced to sign documents stating that their contribution is voluntary.]

1519 hrs
Yangon City Development Council gave out cash rewards of 10 million kyats (1400 Kyat = 1 USD) each to pro-junta thugs who were involved in the brutal crackdown of protesters. 68 of their leaders received a plot of land each in addition to the cash reward.

1458 hrs
Missing people reports are still coming in with families not knowing if their loved ones have been detained or killed in the crackdown.

1000 hrs
Cartier and Tiffany boycott Burmese gems

0953 hrs
Report by Reuters on the inhumane treatment of detained monks

0856 hrs
According to Niknayman, the public has started their boycott against businesses owned by Gen Than Shwe and his son-in-law Tayza. This includes JDonut, a popular fast food joint. It is reported that a list of companies associated with Junta will be compiled and such businesses will also be boycotted.

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