Friday, October 12, 2007

Junta Arrests Mother and In-Law of Protester

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

11th October 2007

The mother and mother-in-law of a lady wanted by Junta for helping the protesting monks were detained when she managed to escape their clutches.

DVB managed contact with the lady, Daw Thet Thet Aung, who said:
"My husband and I were in a hair saloon on the 8th. A few men came in and locked the door, saying they wanted to ask us questions. I told them they could ask me at home, and I forced my way through. My husband followed me out, but they stopped him and took him away. The next day, they searched my home and my aunt's home, and confiscated my documents. When they couldn't find me, they told my family that I was wanted for questioning. The day after, on the 10th, they arrested my mother (54 years old) and my mother-in-law (70 years old). I heard that they'll only be released when I turn myself in."

Daw Thet Thet Aung, who has since been forced to go into hiding, added that she was anxious about her 3 young children, the youngest of whom is only 15 months old and in ill health.

She told DVB that she felt it an extreme injustice to be hunted and blackmailed in this manner. She added that the world and Mr Gambari (UN envoy) will not be aware of such lawless acts carried out by Junta as on the surface, the military leaders have been making declarations that they welcome dialogue and reforms.

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