Saturday, October 13, 2007

Political Prisoners Subjected to Worse Treatment

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

12th October 2007

Security has been stepped up in Insein Prison in Rangoon, where most political prisoners are held, after UN called for the release of political prisoners. Stricter non-security related rules have also been imposed.

A family member of one of the prisoners told DVB, after a visit to the prison, that the prisoners are now no longer allowed to take their walks, or talk to their neighbours.

"In the past, they were allowed to do some exercise, and also allowed to take a leisurely bath. Now their bath time has been restricted, and they are not taken out of their cells. They're also not allowed to talk among themselves."

Each prisoner is held in a seperate cell only measuring 8 by 8 feet. Families have expressed concerns that such undue restrictions will affect the health of the prisoners adversely.

U Bo Kyi, co-secretary general of Thai-based Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma), told DVB that whenever there was any political crisis, it was common for the political prisoners to be subjected to such ill treatement.

"Right now, they are being subjected to even more rights abuse when, in fact, these prisoners have nothing whatsoever to do with the protests; they have been detained for so many years. It is an act of vengeance to impose further restrictions on these prisoners."

According to AAPP(B), more than 200 political prisoners have died in custody in Burmese prisons due to poor conditions and lack of proper healthcare.

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