Friday, October 12, 2007

Protesters Using Dogs To Show Their Dissent Towards Junta

Source: Irrawaddy (via

In the face of violent crackdowns, people in Rangoon have found an ingenious way to show their dissent towards Junta; by using dogs.

According to Irrawaddy news, packs of dogs wearing pictures of Junta's top generals, including Gen Than Shwe, have been seen in crowded locations.

A resident of Rangoon told Irrawady that the pictures have even been laminated, and no one as yet knows who is behind them. He added that there was a commotion when the officials tried to catch the dogs.

The packs of dogs with pictures have been seen in 5 townships in Rangoon.

Irrawaddy noted that such actions have been taken by students after the crackdowns on 1996 student movement.

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